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How? Just how? :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 7 17 My first troll, how cute -_- :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 3 14 Main Girls - Maddie and Sarah :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 7 3 Creepypasta OC - Sorin Sparks :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 13 11 Trender, Sarah wants to 'talk' with you :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 11 6 HE'S SO FLUFFY! :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 13 5
Creepypasta OC Bio Sheet - Sarah X
Creepypasta-Misery: My new Creepypasta OC~ I based her off of ME :D (and added some insane stuff to make her more Creepypasta worthy... I don’t know how to write a good story about her D: So I made this).
I actually DO own Sarah Melly X (aka The Mice and the Bees)!
Full Name: Sarah Melly X
Meaning of name: Sarah; Princess, Melly; Honey Bee
Nickname(s): Buzzy, Mousy, Princess Bee, Bug Girl, Agitha (LOZ reference? Check)
Creepypasta Name: The Mice and the Bees
How Did They Get This Name and Why: Her nicknames because she’s always with some type of rodent (usually a mouse or rat), and she loves bugs.  The Creepypasta name because it’s like “The Birds and the Bees,” but it’s mice instead of birds.... Also, Sarah destroys things with them.
Gender: female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: May 3rd
Place of Birth: Rockport, Maine (grew up jumping back and forth betw
:iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 20 18
Creepypasta OC - Sarah X :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 16 1
Creepypasta OC - Lucifer's Secretary
Creepypasta-Misery: Info on “Lucifer’s Secretary” :meow:
Nickname(s): Thoth (pronounced: T-awe-th) (Egyptian God of Writing & Knowledge)
Creepypasta Name: Lucifer’s Secretary
Gender: male
Age: 16
Date of Birth: June 6th, 1998 (at 6 p.m)
Place of Birth: unknown
Race/Species: daemon
Native language: English
Languages spoken: English and Latin
Orientation/Sexual Preference: homosexual, acts asexual
Religion: originally a Wiccan, but now is a cross between Wiccan and Satanist
Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): Library assistant
Are They Dead: yes
If Yes, How’d They Die: murdered by the rugby squad
Date of Death: November 19th, 2000
Place of Death: the library, romance section, after hours
Blood type: AB-
Mental Disorder: Misanthropic, OCD, and Paranoid Personality Disorder
:iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 8 2
Creepypasta - Lucifer's Secretary :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 13 11
Creepypasta Character Info Sheet - Maddie Stitches
Creepypasta-Misery: A little Original Character Bio Sheet for the Proxies/Pastas out there.  (mainly for people like me who can’t draw their Reference Sheets because I lack the talent :tears: ;-; )
Full Name: Madison Nikkita Kurski
Meaning of name: Madison; Maud's Son, Nikkita; Unconquered
Nickname(s): Maddie, Stitches, Mad Maddie, Maddie Stitches
Gender: female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Birth: ???
Race/Species: Creepypasta
Native language: English
Languages spoken: English and Japanese
Orientation/Sexual Preference: bisexual
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
IQ: 125
Religion: Wiccan
Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): high school student working at a Pet Store
Are They Dead: yes
If Yes, How’d They Die: her aunt killed her, because the cousin was jealous that her (the cousins) fiancé would always hug her (Maddie) longer
:iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 19 11
OC Interview Meme - The Hunter and Maddie Stitches
Creepypasta-Misery: two of my Creepypasta OC’s!  Secrets are revealed ;p
:bulletgreen: The Hunter - Scottie Hunter - Creepypasta
:bulletorange: Maddie Stitches - Maddison Nikkita Kurski - Creepypasta
Describe yourself in one sentence.
:bulletgreen: ....
:bulletorange: Artistic and happy!  And Scottie is silent around people!
What do you think is your best quality?
:bulletgreen: ....
:bulletorange: Scottie’s protective nature, and my best quality?... Hmm... Oh!  My eye for models!
If you were able to change any of your traits, what would it be?
:bulletgreen: .... Silent...
:bulletorange: Yeah, Scottie COULD be a little more talkative, but I say he should work on his trust issues.  My trait that I wish I could change... by bad looks, I don’t deserve to be a model.... (rubs stomach self consciously)
:bulletgreen: (growls) Not fat....
:bulletorange: Compared to my models I am!
Now describe your teammate(s) in one sentence eac
:iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 8 0
Creepypasta Character Info Sheet - The Hunter
Creepypasta-Misery: :shrug: I felt like making this
Full Name: Scotland Hunter
Nickname(s): Scottie, or “The Hunter”
Gender: male
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 19th
Place of Birth: Hollis, Maine
Race/Species: Creepypasta
Native language: English
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, and French
Orientation/Sexual Preference: bisexual
Religion: (laughing) Oh, you’re serious?  Allow me to laugh more (laughs hysterically)
Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): worked at Cabelas
Are They Dead: no
Blood type: B-
Mental Disorder: Anti-social personality disorder, and Misanthropic (hater of humankind)
Phobia(s): not being able to move and not being in control
Allergies: cinnamon
Habits: cracking his neck after he shoots an arrow and cracking his knuckles before a kill
Powers/Special Ab
:iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 16 20
Creepypasta Chara - The Hunter :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 44 3
Creepypasta OC Bio Sheet
Creepypasta-Misery: A little Original Character Bio Sheet for the Proxies/Pastas out there.  (mainly for people like me who can’t draw their Reference Sheets because I lack the talent :tears: ;-; but anyone can use this)
Full Name:
Meaning of name:
Creepypasta Name:
How Did They Get This Name and Why:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Native language:
Languages spoken:
Orientation/Sexual Preference:
Zodiac Sign:
Occupation (before becoming a Pasta):
Are They Dead:
If Yes, How’d They Die:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Blood type:
Mental Disorder:
Powers/Special Abilities:
:iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 1,472 457
Creepypasta OC - Maddie Stitches :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery 215 128


The Deadly Gaser *Being worked on* :iconmadd-zombie:madd-zombie 6 4
Need someone to rant to? (update)
Hey guys!!! Do you need to rant about something? Life, school, friends, etc.. You can rant here, it's not good to keep it in. You'll feel better at least a little. You can even send me a note. If you don't want others to know.
:iconredcake1:redcake1 4 18
Stop Beating a Dead Horse! :iconmashimanxxx:MashiManxxx 16 35 Chiboplica: Cyclone :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 258 11 fite me WIP :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 468 36
Mature content
Deadpool x Winged!Male!Reader - Part 1 :iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 126 24
Mature content
Deadpool x Winged!Male!Reader - Part 2 :iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 111 14
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Creepypasta OC Bio Sheet ~ Jackie Ripper
Full Name: Jacklyn Rochelle Josephine Roger Jeffrey Tonkins
Meaning of name: It's her full christian name given by her mother.
Nickname(s): Jackie Jack JJ
Creepypasta Name: Jackie Ripper
How Did They Get This Name and Why: It's a play on the name Jack the Ripper, the famous murderer.
Gender: Androgynous Female
Age: 13-18
Date of Birth: 11/30/1997
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Race/Species: Human/Zalgo Beast/SPC
Native language: English
Languages spoken: Dutch, German, Japanese, Arabic, etc.
Orientation/Sexual Preference: Bisexual, Gender fluid
Zodiac Sign: Ox
Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): SCP
Are They Dead: No
If Yes, How’d They Die:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Blood type: AB
Mental Disorder: Schizophrenia, Insanity, Multiple Personality Disorder, Autism
Phobia(s): Cracks in floors/walls/ceilings, death, water, isolation, herself, etc.
Allergies: Hydrangeas, other plants
Habits: Nail biter, chews on flesh, etc.
:iconskekmara:SkekMara 3 11
Lucy : CP OC :iconsooji-oh:SooJi-Oh 25 2



Haxsar Misery
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

My two CP OC’s Maddie Stitches and The Hunter!
Stolen from monoliith


 Real Name: Madison Nikkita Kurski
 Title/Also Known As: Maddie Stitches
 Nickname(s): Maddie
 Age: 17
 BirthDate: ??? 1997
 Species: human
 Race: human
 Sexual Orientation: bisexual
 Romantic Interest: n/a
 Mate/Lover:  n/a
 Status: single
 Sanity Level: 5/10
 Danger Level: 5/10
 Obedience: n/a
 Occupation: n/a
 Weapon(s): needles, stitches, and sewing kit
 Method Of Killing: ripping and stitching the victims back together, finally snapping their neck or stabbing needles through them, and taking pictures of them
 Saying/Phrase: “I’ll fix you right up.”
 Story: creepypasta-misery.deviantart.…
 Theme Song:… or…
 Family: her cousin
 Allies/Friends: Scottie Hunter!
 Rivals/Enemies: so many people
 Hobbies: haunting, taking pictures, stitching, ripping, and making her ‘playmates’ look pretty
 Special Items: her needles
 Dislikes: people invading her home without permission, people going through and or taking her photos without her permission, people ruining her photos and ‘models,’ and people entering her house, going into her room without knocking and not waiting for her to open the door
 Fear(s): tight spaces, being locked in a place she can’t get out of, unable to be free
 Personality: introverted, reserved, Misanthropic (hater of humankind), self conscious about her weight, OCD when it comes to her pictures, short tempered, secretive, possessive, snappy, bitter, easily finds the faults in those around her, unforgiving, trust issues, and border line silent

 Hair: brunette and messy
 Face: deathly pale
    -Eyes: blue pupil with a black sclera and iris, the black runs down her face a bit like tears
   -Mouth: stitched up
 Height: 5’7
 Body Type: hourglass
 Outfit: black hoodie, black t-shirt with an orange broken and bleeding heart, purple plaid jeans, orange socks, and an orange scarf
 Distinguishing Features: stitched mouth, and slices on her arms/wrists/legs from where she sliced herself to stitch herself back together

 Disorder(s): n/a
 Abilities/Strengths: lives in the pictures in her house, and appears out of no where
 Weaknesses: she won’t hunt you if she doesn’t think you’d make a good model, can’t say no to adorable animals, and stubborn

 Intelligence: 5/10
 Strength: 6/10
 Speed: 3/10
 Endurance: 3/10
 Balance: 7/10
 Tolerance: 1/10
 Temper:  2/10

 - cuts herself, just to stitch herself back up
 - I want to make her an epically creepy story, but I’m horrible at creepy so she got that cruddy bio
 - I originally made her to fall in love with my ex’s creepypasta, but since he’s my ex, NO

 Real Name: Scotland Hunter
 Title/Also Known As: The Hunter
 Nickname(s): Scottie
 Age: 17
 BirthDate: October 19th, 1997
 Species: human
 Race: human
 Sexual Orientation: bisexual
 Romantic Interest: n/a
 Mate/Lover:  n/a
 Status: single
 Sanity Level: 7/10
 Danger Level: 8/10
 Obedience: n/a
 Occupation: originally worked at Cabelas
 Weapon(s): bow and arrows
 Method Of Killing: knocking out the prey and dragging them deep into his territory (if they’re not already there), and give them a thirty second head start, then going after them and hunting them like wild animals
 Saying/Phrase: “Act like an animal, be treated like one.”
 Story: I haven’t written it, yet, if ever...
 Theme Song:… or…
 Family: Father; Scout Hunter Jr (dead), Mother; Sylvia Hunter (dead), and Little Sister; Scarlette Hunter (dead)
 Allies/Friends: he doesn’t really understand what friendship is, but he can tolerate Maddie’s presence
 Rivals/Enemies: anyone and everyone who dare hurt his territory, or enter his home without permission
 Hobbies: playing LOZ, playing hunting games, going to the arcade and getting the high score on hunting games (including Jurassic Park), hunting in real life, tricking idiots into ‘hunting with him,’ planning his next kill, making his traps, watching violent shows/cartoons, watching pointless movies, and watching crime shows to laugh at how stupid the people are on it
 Special Items: his fanged necklace
 Likes: bows, arrows, LOZ, planning his next ‘hunt,’ analyzing the areas, watching foolish idiots from the shadows, hunting, sharpening his arrows, making his arrows, climbing trees, and planting traps
 Dislikes: cities, idiots, people with no common sense, ‘creeper’ adults (you know the kind, the people who are old enough to be your parents, yet flirts with you anyways), parents ignoring their children, abusive idiots, spoiled bratty teens, and idiots who wonder into his neck of the woods and enter his house
 Fear(s): not being able to move and not being in control
 Personality: Goal oriented, strong minded, will start a task and continue it until completed and completed well, individualist, dislike customs, strong, silent, creative, flexible,wild, unpredictable, cool-headed, doesn’t show emotions well, doesn’t care about others, helps by killing, trust issues, seemingly emotionless, gets pissy when people go through his stuff (and when people get away from his, but when that happens he just makes a ‘tsk’ noise), over protective to the things he claims as his own, mother issues but loved his father, and seems like a normal high school loner rebel

  Hair: light brown, and long on one side, short on the other (think Marceline/Marshal Lee from Adventure Time)
 Skin: pale
    -Eyes: dark brown
   -Mouth: normal
   -Nose: normal
 Height: 5’9
 Body Type: ektomorf (i.e thin but with abs/muscles)
 Outfit: black jacket over an orange tank top, black ripped skinny jeans, orange and black checkered shoes, three fanged necklace and his piercings
 Distinguishing Features: always has his bow with him

 Disorder(s): n/a
 Abilities/Strengths: sharp eyes
 Weaknesses: Mistrustful, over protective, contemptuous, standoffish, indifferent, and impatient (I looked up a list of weaknesses, these words described him, if it’s the wrong type of weakness then I have no idea what you’re talking about)

 Intelligence: 7/10
 Strength: 5/10
 Speed: 7/10
 Endurance: 6/10
 Balance: 9/10
 Tolerance: 3/10
 Temper:  8/10


 - He was originally going to be just another psychotic ‘I-do-what-I-want’ Pasta, but somehow he ended up as an emotionless, ‘I-do-the-right-thing’ Pasta.
 -  Originally, he was going to escape a Psych ward after he killed his parents and sister, claiming that the forest told him to
 - He was suppose to be a gender bend of Maddie Stitches, but the more I wrote, the more I wanted him to be his own pasta
 - He was suppose to have a little game of ‘hide-n-seek’ with his victims, but after watching to much Criminal Minds I decided he should treat them like animals
 - He was suppose to hate everyone and anyone, but somehow I got to the point where I made him kill for the ‘right thing’ because of what happened to his sister

  • Listening to: Let Em Burn
  • Watching:


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